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Never run out of Chai for your ChaiEasy machine or in general with ChaiEasy's subscribe and save. We have 5 options to fit different needs and lifestyles and we hope you find one that's just perfect for you. 

1. All in One pack - $15.99

Authentic Indian Chai for anyone taking their first sip or for our usual suspects/ our patrons.

2. Third Chai's the charm - 3 pack - $43.17

Have the Chai and drink it too with our three-pack 

3. The 6ix - 6 pack - 76.75

We're a Toronto based company, so it's only natural that we give you a 6ix pack 

4. Chai every day - Monthly - $11.99

If Chai is the elixir of your life, this one is for you. 

5. Chai every other day - Quarterly subscription - $11.99

If Chai is a special indulgence every so often, this one's for you