TEA, MY Mjölnir…

Tea is an aromatic beverage prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured or fresh leaves of Camellia sinensis. That’s how Wikipedia defines tea. But, the inhabitants of our part of planet Earth chose to create an indigenous version, endearingly christened as ‘Chai’.
I prefer mine nice and strong; water, milk, tea leaves and sugar in optimal proportions brewed to perfection. At times I feel like a sorceress waiting by her cauldron that holds her magical potion coming to a rolling boil. I treasure my morning cup of chai and savour each sip somewhat akin to a sommelier, swirling it around assimilating the taste and texture of my concoction. 

While partaking my chai I cherish solitude. That’s the ‘me time’ I look forward to enjoying the most during my day. The cohabitants of my earthly dwelling are very well aware of how precious this time and space are for me and surreptitiously avoid my environs. Thank goodness for that! But to those oblivious to this fact, my reaction to disturbance resonates with the ancient adage “A storm in a teacup”. It is nothing less than catastrophic if I do happen to miss my morning chai, then only divine intervention can save any mortal coming in contact with me. Having said that let me reiterate that I am quite a docile being otherwise. 

That morning cup has the power to exhilarate the senses, awakening the tiniest of nerves after a night’s sleep. The first sip transcends all boundaries and transports one to an ethereal realm where only tranquillity prevails. The contents of my mug should ideally be of the right temperature; piping hot would leave the tongue scalded and lukewarm would end up being insipid.

A feeling of rejuvenation envelopes me, consanguine to that of consuming ambrosia. Morning chai is an elixir for me, a panacea for all ills. A kick start to the day like a sheath of armour for me while I attend to the innumerable chores that comprise homemaking! Even a single cup of fuel provides energy at times till midday. 

When one is under the weather a cup of chai is a foolproof go-to. One can continue extolling the virtues of chai. This humble cup of nectar has the dual prowess to either provide succour to one's frayed nerves or awaken one to face the challenges of a hectic day. A mute soulmate is a very special role essayed by this underrated cup of chai. It can lend you an ear and you can pour your heart out sans the fear of being judged. One tends to be transported to the land of Ulysses and experience euphoria. 

Chai allows one to mull over the mundane and trending activities and speculate about the humdrum of life. One can just sit back with a mug of chai and watch time and tide unobtrusively go by. 

This favorite drink of millions has the dubious quality of being addictive as well. I sincerely wish that I would never have to abstain from having my chai. Despite all the flak this harmless refreshment has garnered, one cannot deny it having proved to be a lifesaver, a soothing salve, a constant presence and it does play an integral part in our daily routine. It can alleviate all forms of fatigue, be it lethargy or ennui or even when one is in going through the throes of languid laziness. Chai is irreplaceable, it is indispensable and I for one would not like to even fathom my existence without it.