Samir Sahoo, Co-Founder

Fresh. One Press. No Mess.

The Chai Easy Story

Introducing ChaiEasy - the ultimate solution for Chai enthusiasts worldwide. As lovers of the iconic Indian Chai, we understand the hurdles of traditional preparation - time-consuming, messy, and inconvenient. Our mission is to redefine Chai enjoyment. ChaiEasy, the world's first automatic Chai Maker, delivers the same authentic homemade Chai taste without the hassle. Busy lives shouldn't mean compromising on quality or settling for instant substitutes. With ChaiEasy, relish fresh, homemade Chai with just one press, and say goodbye to post-preparation cleaning woes. We're passionate Chai Connoisseurs, dedicated to bringing you the joy of real, hassle-free Chai, anytime you desire. Experience the aroma, taste, and tradition, effortlessly. Welcome to the world of FRESH. ONE PRESS. NO MESS.