Chaieasy CoFounder

Samir Sahoo

Chai is an iconic time-tested beverage originating from the Indian sub-continent and the world's most consumed hot drink. However, traditional homemade Chai preparation is a very involved time-consuming process, quite messy with a risk of milk spill-over and, has a lot of post-preparation cleaning hassle. Due to increasingly busier lifestyles, millions of chai connoisseurs in India and around the world cannot enjoy their favorite drink whenever they want to. So what do they do? Unfortunately, they have to limit to preparing it very occasionally or resort to unhealthy instant chai-mixes and other substitutes . But not anymore! We are a team of dedicated Chai Connoisseurs introducing ChaiEasy - the world's first automatic Chai Maker - Same home-made Chai taste , but "Easy".

ChaiEasy prepares authentic tasting homemade chai using

fresh ingredients with the press of a button and no cleaning hassles afterwards.