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We have designed ChaiEasy keeping the emotional feeling of enjoying a “true” Desi Chai 'made at home' or at your favorite 'Chai-Tapri' in mind. Building a truly innovative patented technology, ground-up through multiple rounds of prototyping & testing. We have ensured to reduce the Chai making time to the minimal while preserving the original chai taste to utmost level. We promise to  continuously improve every passing day by listening to the voice of our customer and further innovating.

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Organically formed CTC Assam Tea

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Ready To Take The ChaiEasy Challenge?


We think we can match the taste of your home-made chai with ChaiEasy, but we want to know what you think as well. Ready to take the taste challenge?

As a fellow Chai-Lover, you now have the opportunity to own your own ChaiEasy through our Special Pre-Launch Offer! 

Your valuable feedback before we get ready to fully launch ChaiEasy. Please enroll and let us know how your entire experience is with the machine, pods and accessories. 

We look forward to hearing your take on improving our offerings and if you are satisfied from the beginning; well that is music to our ears. If there is room for improvement, we are here to listen and make things easy. 

The ChaiEasy way!

We look forward to your support to help us grow the chai-lover’s footprint worldwide.

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