General Questions:

ChaiEasy was born out of pure love for chai. The founders of ChaiEasy come from India where Chai is still prepared the traditional way with love and passion. It is not just a drink but an integral part of everyday life. In modern-day busy lives, the inconvenience associated with preparing a traditional cup of chai combined with the time and attention it demands, and the post-prep cleaning hassles, makes it painful. Other options available in the market are unhealthy or don’t have the same home-made chai taste. Read our story here.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that ChaiEasy will prepare the same home-made Chai that you’re used to. Also, it will allow you options to use the exact same ingredients in the same proportions that make your perfect cup of chai. We know everyone likes their chai slightly differently and so we designed a machine that can tailor the cup to everyone’s taste. If for whatever reason, you are not happy with ChaiEasy, simply request a return.

A machine like this never existed. So, to build this machine ground-up, a lot of investment was made on research & development and patent protection. So we have to keep it at this price for now.

As we grow our sales and expand our product portfolio, we will have a number of other models, some of which will be less expensive.

VALUE OF OWNING A MACHINE: On average the machine pays for “itself” in just 2-3 months based on the savings our customers make by not having to buy chai from outside, not to mention, the convenience of having it at home with just the press of a button.

Chai has its traditional roots in India and the Founders of the company always had the vision of bringing the ChaiEasy Machine back to its roots and as a gift from India to the world for making homemade chai quickly. India’s manufacturing sector is rapidly growing and expanding into multiple high-speciality segments. We are extremely proud that we were able to establish a large supplier base and partner with a highly reputable manufacturer in India to produce a product that was inspired by Indian tradition and is authentically Indian.  This is also complemented by our organically grown, fair-trade teas and spices being sourced from boutique farms in Assam, India.

Brewing Process Questions:

The ChaiEasy Brewer can brew up to 16 oz, (450ml) of chai in one cycle, which equates to 1 Large cup (16 oz) or 2 Medium cups (8 oz) or 3 small cups (~5-6 oz). Chai is typically served in cups of 5-6 oz which can serve 2 individuals or more.

We recommend using 1 pod if you prepare a small to medium cup (5-8 oz, 225 ml) of chai or 2 pods if you are preparing a large cup (16 oz, 450 ml). However, if you prefer a stronger flavor, you can choose to use 2 pods with a regular cup.

Yes, you can use any alternative to cow milk. Depending on the milk type, the taste and chai strength may vary. Directly heating or boiling some of the lactose-free milk alternatives could alter the taste or curdle it. If this happens, we recommend you use the “Black Tea” cycle with water and add the milk alternative afterwards.

Yes, you can use your own blend of tea/spices with our reusable pod.

We recommend using organic whole milk (3.8%)  with water in equal parts for best taste. The taste of chai could vary depending on the type of milk chosen. It is up to individual personal preference what to choose but we have provided a taste chart in the ChaiEasy Quick Start Guide as a reference.

ChaiEasy allows you to use any and all ingredients that you like. You can choose any type of milk, tea powder as well as spices that you prefer in your cup of chai.

We know that everyone has their favorite cup of chai and you can use your favorite ingredients to get the same cup! Please check our periodic recipe guides for interesting recipes that you can make with your ChaiEasy.

Yes, still mineral water is fine but don’t use sparkling water.  The lower the level of calcium in the water, the less limestone residue created in the water tank and ultimately less strain on the fluid circuits of the ChaiEasy machine.

We recommend using filtered water in the water tank as well as in the Brew-2-Go Mug. 

In the first 30-40 seconds, the Machine goes through the High-heat mode when hot steam comes in contact with cold fluid and creates bubbles through a process called “cavitation”. This makes somewhat of a loud sound of about 80 dB (less than a typical mixer/juicer). After that for the next 3-5 mins, when it goes through the brewing process, it is very quiet

Product Questions:

The ChaiEasy Machine Dimensions are 318mm(Depth) x 173mm(Width) x 384mm(Height). With the packaging and the box the outer dimensions are 385mm(Depth) x 240mm(Width) x 528mm(Height).

Our pod is a disposable and compostable tea pouch made of corn-fibre, attached to a cotton thread and biodegradable plastic tab, all together designed to hold the right amount of tea and spices and work perfectly with the ChaiEasy machine. It allows you to prepare the perfect cup of chai with the press of a button and also dispose of it after. No Hassles.  

We bring the world’s best tea flavors, organically farmed and responsibly sourced from Assam, India. It has no preservatives or added sugar.

We currently offer 4 different flavors. All our teas are responsibly sourced, USDA certified organic from the best gardens in Assam and Darjeeling, India.

1. Classic: Organic Black CTC

2. Cardamom: Organic Black CTC with cardamom

3.Ginger: Organic Black CTC with dried ginger

4. Masala: Organic Black CTC with spices

Yes. We offer a stainless steel washable, reusable pod available for sale on our website. You can use your own blend of tea with the reusable pod.

Unlike coffee, tea has a very long shelf life and may lose some flavor over time but doesn’t really expire. However, we have a “Best Before” date on the PODs to comply with food regulations.

The Process of Making brewed coffee is very different from Chai and so the same machine can’t make the Brewed Coffee. However, you can make Instant Coffee and Filter Coffee with our ChaiEasy Machine. The menu gives those options.

Additional accessories include brew to-go cups with lids, stainless steel reusable tea pods, disposable tea-pods and loose tea blends,  all available for purchase on our website.

During the brewing process, the special brew-to-go cup must be used.  Once the brewing process is complete, you can transfer your chai to a preferred vessel, or put the lid and take your chai on the go - it even fits the car cup holder!

We are working with various retailers and Amazon to have ongoing listings of our tea pods available for purchase.  In the meantime, our pods can be re-ordered on our website.

Chai Easy is currently undergoing testing and validation for UL & CSA certifications through Intertek, an accredited NRTL for North American Markets. The production facility where ChaiEasy is made is ISO Certified.

Machine Maintenance & Support questions:

ChaiEasy is extremely easy to clean after every cycle. Simply wipe the nozzle with a wet cloth after each cycle and you are done. ChaiEasy is also “Self Cleaning” and we recommend that you use the ‘self-clean’ option for thorough cleaning of the internal chambers as well as nozzle after every cycle. This process takes about 30 seconds. 

Additionally, please refer to the user manual for deep clean or de-scale cycle which is usually every 1 to 3 months depending on the usage. The manual will guide you through a step-by-step process of de-scaling. 

Yes! Steam is widely known to be used as a media for disinfection and sterilization.  Our self-cleaning cycle removes residue and build-up and ensures your machine is kept clean and bacteria-free!

If you purchase ChaiEasy at a retailer, retailer return and refund policies will apply.

Purchases made on our website are subject to our Refund Policy which can be found here.

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