Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will ChaiEasy ship?

We are currently taking pre-orders and have launched a new program by which customers can reserve the machine for $20 CAD only. We expect our first batch to ship out to customers in the Spring of 2022

  • I know how Indian chai tastes. Will this be the same? If not, what can I do?

We take a lot of pride in the fact that ChaiEasy will prepare the same homemade Chai that you’re used to. Also, it will allow you options to use the exact same ingredients in the same proportions that make your perfect cup of chai. We know everyone likes their chai slightly differently and so we designed a machine that can tailor the cup to everyone’s taste. If for whatever reason, you are not happy with ChaiEasy, simply request a return.

  • What are your refund and warranty policy?

All ChaiEasy pre-orders are subject to a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty for any manufacturing defects or malfunction from the date of delivery. All other standard terms and conditions apply.

  • Do you ship outside the USA and Canada?

We are looking to initially launch the product in the US, Canada, and Indian markets. However, we can also ship outside of these countries but customers would have to bear the cost of any customs duties and taxes along with shipping. Please contact us at with questions or feedback.

  • How much does a ChaiEasy cost?

The retail price of a ChaiEasy machine is $285 CAD ($225 USD) which includes free shipping within the USA and Canada.

    We are offering an introductory pre-order package of $279.99 CAD ($221 USD) for pre-orders which includes a brewer, 12 packs of assorted pods, and a Brew2go cup; a perfect starter kit for the chai aficionados. For additional details and other promotions and offerings please visit

    • How do I pre-order my ChaiEasy?

    You can pre-order here:

    • What is included in the pre-order package?
      The pre-order package includes: 
      1. 1 ChaiEasy Machine
      2. 1 ChaiEasy Brew-2-Go brewer cup (Dishwasher Safe)
      3. 1 Pack of 12 assorted ChaiEasy pods with 4 different flavors (Classic black, Ginger, Cardamon, and Masala). 
      • Is there a referral code I can share with family/friends?

      Yes. We would love to have you spread the word, share your love for ChaiEasy! Here is the code: ILOVECHAI2020

      • How can I contact support?

      Please email us at

      • Why did we build ChaiEasy?

      ChaiEasy was born out of pure love for chai. The founders of ChaiEasy come from India where Chai is still prepared the traditional way with love and passion. It is not just a drink but an integral part of everyday life. In modern-day busy lives, the inconvenience associated with preparing a traditional cup of chai is a long-winded process, and other options available don’t have the same original taste. Read our story here.

      • How much Chai can I brew in one cycle?

      The ChaiEasy Brewer can brew up to 16 oz, (450ml) of chai in one cycle, which equates to 1 Large cup (16 oz) or 2 Medium cups (8 oz) or 3 small cups (~5-6 oz). Chai is typically served in cups of 5-6 oz which can serve 2 individuals or more.

      • How do I clean my ChaiEasy?

      ChaiEasy is extremely easy to clean after every cycle. Simply wipe the nozzle with a wet cloth after each cycle and you are done. ChaiEasy is also “Self Cleaning”. You can periodically use the ‘self-clean’ option for thorough cleaning of the internal chambers as well as nozzle and boiler pipes using steam. It is a quick 90 seconds cycle.

        Additionally, ChaiEasy also automatically notifies you to deep clean or de-scale which is usually every 1 to 3 months depending on the usage. ChaiEasy will guide you through a step-by-step process of de-scaling. 

        For additional information please refer to the cleaning section of our instruction manual. 

        • Can I use my choice of milk, tea, or spices?

        ChaiEasy allows you to use any and all ingredients that you like. You can choose any type of milk, tea powder as well as spices that you prefer in your cup of chai.

          We know that everyone has their favorite cup of chai and you can use your favorite ingredients to get the same cup! Please check our periodic recipe guides for interesting recipes that you can make with your ChaiEasy.

          • What are the dimensions of the ChaiEasy Machine?

          The ChaiEasy Machine Dimensions are 388mm Height x 177mm Width x 308mm Depth.

          • What is a pod?

          Our pod is a disposable and compostable tea pouch designed to hold the right amount of tea and work perfectly with the ChaiEasy machine. It allows you to prepare the perfect cup of chai with the press of a button and also dispose of it after. No Hassle.  

            We bring the world’s best tea flavors, USDA Organic certified and responsibly sourced from Assam, India. It has no preservatives or added sugar.

            Cost per pack US$ 12.99 (CAD$ 15.99) for 12 PODs. Order here

            • How many pods can I use?

            We recommend using 1 pod if you are preparing a small to medium cup (5-8 oz, 225 ml) of chai or 2 pods if you are preparing a large cup (16 oz, 450 ml). However, if you prefer a stronger flavor, you can choose to use 2 pods with a regular cup.

            • What flavors of pods are available?
              We currently offer 4 different flavors. All our teas are responsibly sourced, USDA certified organic from the best gardens in Assam and Darjeeling, India.
              1. Classic: Organic Black CTC
              2. Cardamom: Organic Black CTC with cardamom
              3. Ginger: Organic Black CTC with dried ginger
              4. Masala: Organic Black CTC with spices
              • Is there a reusable pod?
              Yes. We offer a stainless steel washable, reusable pod available for sale at $25.99 CAD ($19.99 USD). You can use your own blend of tea with the reusable pod.

                You can order it here.

                • Can I use alternatives to milk?

                Yes. Common alternatives to cow milk are almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. Directly heating or boiling some of them could alter the taste or curdle it. Hence, if you are lactose intolerant or simply prefer an alternative to milk, we recommend you use the “Black Tea” cycle with water and add the milk alternative afterward.

                • Can I use my own blend of tea powder?

                Yes, you can with our reusable pod. You can place an Order here.

                • Which kind of milk is the best to use for chai?

                We recommend using organic whole milk (3.8%)  or 2% milk fresh from the refrigerator. The taste of chai could vary depending on the type of milk chosen. It is up to individual personal preference what to choose but we have provided a taste chart in the ChaiEasy Manual as a guide.

                Can I use mineral water in the ChaiEasy machine?
                Yes, still mineral water is fine but doesn’t use sparkling water.  The lower the level of calcium in the water, the less limestone residue created in the water tank and ultimately less strain on the fluid circuits of the ChaiEasy machine.